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  • Get more than just Christmas Joy!
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    The joy that comes with gift giving isn’t the only thing you will receive this Christmas in Althea! From 8 December 0000HRS to 9 December 2359HRS (CET), get your hand on 1 set of a “2016 Christmas Costume Package” of your choice for every 50k CC spent. Your chance to partake in the joy of giving
    Team Dragon Nest on: 07/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Convert Your Items For The Ultimate Boost! [Conversion Costumes] [Updated]

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    The Dragon Box has a special treat for you this December and it’s giving your Conversion Costumes some lovin’! Simply get your hands on a Conversion Item and you’re ready to follow the steps below to get started on giving your Conversion Costumes the stats they deserve:

    1) Head down to the [Magical
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Stay Busy With Our December Bonus Event!
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_News.png (580×147)

    Stay busy this school holidays with these awesome bonus events planned just for you! 

    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img1.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img2.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img3.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img4.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img5.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img6.png (560×880)

    Terms and Conditions

    • The event will start on 8 December 0000HRS and end on 31 December 2359HRS.
    • Rewards are credited via Special Storage.
    Rewards for the Forest Dragon challenge will be credited on 3 January
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Have Yourself A Christmas Challenge!
    20181203_DN_DecMonthlyChallenge_news.png (580×147)

    They say it’s the season of giving… we say why not give yourself a challenge? From 5 Dec – 31 Dec 2359HRS (CET), celebrate the joy of Christmas with the 4 challenges stated below and snag special rewards for yourself upon successful completion of the whole event

    Rewards for completing all 4 of the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Celebrate Christmas with Dragon Nest EU!
    20181204_DN_DecChristmas_news.png (580×147)

    Make a date with us for Christmas! All our towns decked out in Christmas decor and our NPCs will change into their holiday costumes too! 
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  • Get into the Christmas mood at the Cash Shop!
    20181203_DN_CashShopDec_news.png (580×147)

    Winter is coming, so stay warm and fuzzy with chic Christmas treats at the Cash Shop this month! Pssst… we’re holding a special Cash Shop sale too on selected items up to 70% off! Talk about putting the merry in your Christmas! 

    Monthly Costume – 2018 Christmas Costume Theme
    Snuggle up in this chic
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Get Fishin’ To Be The Legend Of The Sea!
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_news.png (580×147)

    Tired of hunting? Fishing event is back! Who will become the [Legend of the Sea] who catches the most fishes this time?

    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img1.png (500×300)
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img2.png (500×300)
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img3.png (500×300)

    Saint Haven East Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
    Saint Haven West Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
    Saint Haven South Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground

    What Is Sea
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Countdown to a brand new year with us!
    20181204_DN_DecNewYear.png (580×147)

     Check out our special New Year event lined up just for you! 

    Play Time Event 
    The play time event will be held from 5 December to 9 January maintenance.

    • Event’s Level Requirements : Level 95

    • Players who are below Level 95 cannot participate in the play time event.

    20181204_DN_DecNewYear_img1.png (600×130)

    Event Store

    You can use [2018 New
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Enter The Path Unknown…
    20181204_DN_DecFissionMaze_news.png (580×147)

    20181204_DN_DecFissionMaze_img1.png (600×766)

    The Fission Maze At A Glance

    1. Fission Stage:
    There are no fixed routes in [Fission Maze].
    Here, all stages of [Fission Nest] will appear randomly.
    Also, you can get when you clear each stage.

    2. Path with No End:
    The path of maze that changes constantly stretches over an unknown distance.
    No one knows
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more
  • New Fission Nests Discovered!
    20181203_DNFissionNest_news.png (580×147)

    Fission Nest Area 2 Information
    1. Previous Fission Nests - Volcano, Guardian, Mist, and Chiron Nests will be called “Fission Nest Area 1” from now.    

    2. The newly discovered Fission Nests - Typhoon Kim, Professor K, Granom, and Serpentra Nests are called “Fission Nest Area 2”.

    3. Fission Nest Area
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more

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